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Welcome to the new World of Virtual Events, Conferences and Networking Opportunities.

As Covid-19 has changed the trajectory of most Events and Conferences around the world we have implemented a range of virtual measures to make sure we can bring you the best content and networking opportunities event in a Covid-19 world.

Our Events traditionally have been focused on physically gathering to share experiences and network with like-minded people. While we already welcomed the first virtual attendees in 2015 it was focused around a physical location.

Our Events have taken place locally from Singapore, to Sankt Petersburg, Barcelona, Berlin, London, New York and San Francisco.

Our Participants have been able to enjoy Events in a range of Formats like Conference & Expo to Meetups, Sattelite Events, Panels and Dinner Events.

While we're hoping to bring back many of the physical events in the future we're now launching our virtual event conferences starting with our website where you will find all needed details and have possibility to participate directly from anywhere in the world.

We're looking forward to welcome you and network.

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